About Yctek



Yctek Technology company was registered in Beijing in 2003


         Focusing on the design, R & D, production and sales of ARM embedded industrial tablet computer, embedded industrial control integrated computer and industrial control board card, it is one of the earliest companies engaged in ARM embedded development in China.


Main business:


         Industrial control tablet computer and industrial control integrated computer;


         All products of the company are Yctek's own brand! Products from the hardware design, the underlying operating system, driver modification, app development and other research and development work are for each Yang Chuang software and hardware engineers colleagues more than ten years of accumulation!


Because professional, trustworthy!


         With rapid development in recent years, Shenzhen yangchuang Technology Co., Ltd. was established in October 2013, with an office R & D and production area of nearly 1500 square meters. Since November 2013, yangchuang Shenzhen Co., Ltd. is responsible for the production, R & D and sales of the company's products; yangchuang Beijing Co., Ltd. is responsible for the sales of the company's industrial control tablet products in the north area and the sales of the original developed board products at home and abroad.


         In the R & D team, there are many doctors and masters majoring in electronics and software; the production department is equipped with SMT full-automatic production line, and the equipment includes full-automatic placement machine, solder paste printing machine, reflow furnace, etc., which are independently produced to ensure the product quality and delivery time.


         Welcome long-term batch cooperation and other customers to visit our company, our company wholeheartedly serve you!


Company address:


         2 / F, Block B, Building 13, Zhonghaixin Science and Technology Park, 12 Ganli 6th Road, Buji Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen


         With the joint efforts of all yangchuang employees, yangchuang embedded series product customer base involves scientific research institutes, universities, industrial control, medical, consumer electronics, military, aviation, aerospace and many other fields, serving nearly 10000 enterprise customers, scientific research units, colleges and universities.


Because focus, so professional, because professional, trustworthy!


         Yctek staff is willing to create a better tomorrow with you!