Customize Process


Business Introduction

       Due to different customer product requirements, if our standard products cannot meet the actual needs of customers, please contact us and we provide product customization services; the customization business mainly uses embedded CPUs such as ARM9 and Cortex A8 as the core to provide customers with personalized embedded Custom modification services for products such as industrial control boards, human-machine interfaces, etc.

Cooperation model

       After the customized product is finalized, we accept a single shipment order of more than 100 orders of magnitude. The batch delivery cycle is about 1 month. When the cumulative number of shipments reaches a certain number, the custom development fee for the product can be refunded in full.

       Business Process:

       first step:

             The two sides approached to confirm demand

       The second step:

             Sign a custom development contract, Yangchuang will do custom development for you, and produce 3-5 sets of product prototypes.

       third step:

             Customer field test confirms that the product meets the requirements for use, signs a batch order contract, and our company starts mass production and supply for you.


Custom Contact